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The sexual evolution of Emma Brown 1

Can sex heal Emma’s heart? Will she be able to feel love again?

If you like the women from Sex & the city, you will absolutely love Emma Brown. Following a traumatic breakup with her boyfriend of five years Emma is unable to deal with her emotions.

At first, she tries to heal herself through drinking and overeating but when this does not work, she turns to her old friend sex.

She seeks relief through the adult sites and searches the dating sites for someone to ease her pain.

The only man Emma meets through them is someone she chose not to see again because she is afraid that she could fall in love with him.

Emma searches for and finds the exclusive Fanny Hillside club where she becomes a member. Emma begins a journey that will take her through sexual encounters all of them, teaching her something about herself.

She feels good and almost happy…

But can sex heal a broken heart? And will she be able to feel love again?

This book is the first in a series about Emma Brown

“A riveting and raunchy read. Emma’s journey is sure to inspire readers to rethink notions of sex and love!”

Stephanie G. Carunja: Author and journalist.

“Emma Brown is a very feminine feminist, I loved it!”

Master coach Ingelise Ross Pedersen

The Sexual evolution of Emma Brown 2

The end or the beginning?

Emma feels safe in sex, it comfort and soothes her… she feels almost happy but then something happens that changes her life…

On an unexpected trip to India she meets the half Anglo half Indian man Benjamin. He is different from anyone she has met before and through sex he awakens her feelings.

Back in the city Emma participates in an event in the Fanny Hillside Club… an event that will be her last… because something has happened that is already changing her life.

Is this the end? Or is it only the beginning?

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